La Ricetta Del Gelato Di Pa’

La Ricetta Del Gelato Di Pa’ – Ice Cream Mix

La Ricetta del Gelato di Pa’” is a ready to whip UHT ice cream mix. A long-life product perfectly balanced and therefore ready to be prepared. Simply open the practical pack of 1 L, pour the content in the basket of the icecream maker and in few minutes the italian icecream is ready, as delicious as artisanal gelato.

It is a 100% italian creation, realized in Piedmont with only piedmontese ingredients and can be used with any professional icecream maker.

Furthermore thanks to the Pascal production process “La Ricetta del Gelato di Pà” can be stored at room temperature and for a long period of time until opening of the pack, what despite maintaining all it’s organoleptic qualities.

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