La Panna di Pa’

La Panna Di Pà


La Panna di Pa’” produced with the innovative Pascal process (patent-protected both in Italy and in Europe) features an excellent yield (100% overrun) and long-standing stability (0% dripping after 4 hours), without the addition of any additives.

Indeed, “La Panna di Pa’” is only and simply cream!

Raw materials.
The high quality standards of all Pascal products are guaranteed by the choice of premium quality raw materials from Piedmont, consistently with the company’s decision to privilege raw material stocks from a short-range production line. This prevents deterioration of the raw material that, instead, occurs during medium and long distance journeys. It also considerably reduces the time between milking and processing, thus ensuring unrivalled freshness standards.

Various fat titres are available: La Panna di Pà 38% and 35% is the ideal choice for pastries; La Panna di Pà 26%, single cream, is also intended for the food industry; Pascal Srl is avaiable in various preparations based on client requirements.

We propose a wide range of packaging solutions, which are all ideal for professional use:

1,000 L bag-in-box palletized can also be requested.
All these elements make “La Panna di Pà” the ideal ally for professional chefs and pastry cooks.