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Pascal Srl – About Us

Pascal srl is a 100% italian company with 100% italian products. It has been founded in 2014 with the goal to revolutionize the world of icecream. Thanks to the passion and the multigenerational experience of of its founders, in particular of the Branciaroli family who had founded company Panna Elena and other historical brands of the dairy sector, highly innovative products of exceptional quality have been born.

The main characteristics of the company are:

  • The production process is patent-protected both in Italy and in Europe which thanks to a complex and well balanced physical process allows to obtain aseptic products thus safe and maintaining all organoleptic characteristics – taste and flavour.

  • Use of first-choice raw materials, coming from Piedmont only and carefully selected. The choice of the short supply chain of the raw materials allows to maintain their incomparable freshness when being processed.

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